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Hoofdstad :Muscat

Muscat in the Words of Geographers and Travellers

"Muscat is well worth taking an interest in, it conceals unexpected charms for those who have
an open, enquiring mind"

Louise Beguin Billecocq - Wife of the French Consul in Muscat
1905 - 1908 A.D.

The origine of the name is "maskat". It is the port for trading with Sohar. The vessels coming
from India, Zanzibar and the north used to anchor Mascat."

Ibn Al Mujawir - Iraqi geographer ( 13th Century A.D.)

"Muscat is a bay, like which there is none in the world. It is the bay of Oman where vessels are
loaded all the year round. It is a cape located between two towns. It has fresh water and its
people are humble and they like foreigners".

Ahmed Ibn Majid - Omani navigator (1490 A.D.)

"In their behaviour, both among themselves as well as with strangers, the Omanis are very
polite, friendly, generous and obliging. They love virtue and bravery".

Robert Padbrugge - Dutch East Indies Company (1672 A.D.)

"One great distinguishing feature of Muscat is the respect and civility shown by all classes
of its inhabitants tot Europeans. The Arabs of Muscat, as far as their manners go, are very

James - Silk Buckingham - English journalist (1816 A.D.)

Bronnen : Document uit het Museum BAIT AL BARANDA - MUTTRAH


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